Good Hair Festival Tropenmuseum

good hair festival

Good Hair Festival, Tropenmuseum || Manbraids 2015 collection and the lovely traditional hair jewels were displayed in the Tropenmuseum. Not only my work and hair jewels were there, I also made some kids very happy.

A small impression of my workshops in the kids area for the Good Hair Festival. I want to thank all kids who joined the Love2Braid Kidsworkshop, you were great and did a very very good job. I saw really awesome creations and great talented kids.




Expositie ‘Love2Braid Manbraids’

Photographer : RusselPearson ||  Instagram @pearsonphotography 

Model : Johnny Lefrandt

Both supporting Love2Braid…thanks for the best TEAMUP2015!

good hair festival


Expositie ‘6 weeks of Treasures’ 

All Indonesian hairjewels who were used in the ‘Traditional hairjewels’ collection were displayed ‘live’.

Thanks to Senami, for your effort and support to have me at the GoodHairFestival Tropenmuseum!

good hair festival



Radio and webcast to suprise me?!! Thanks Quincy for having me on your show to talk about hair and fashion braids.

good hair festival