Viking hairstyles

Viking Hairstyles

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Viking hairstyles inspiration when we launch the ‘Week of the Vikings’. All styles are created by Ramona Krieger and together with her team she shows some awesome men’s hairstyles.

Arvid van Ulzen, ArrrFantasy designed these handmade costumes and photographer Belinda Terrisse made these pictures alive. We couldn’t make a Viking look without the creativity of MUA Petra Klein.

From Monday until Friday, this upcoming week,  2 of the best male hairmodels Alain Honnebier & Dominique Honnebier will show their Viking skills ands beauty.

Alain and Dominique also attended the cast for the new Dutch movie REDBAD coming out June 2018.

REDBAD takes place in the year 754 A.D. the monk Bonifatius was killed in a Dutch town called Dokkum, according to history this was done by barbaric warriors. But was he indeed murdered in cold blood, or is that just the Christian take on the story?


from MON 26th – FRI 30th


Viking hairstyles  Viking hairstyles Viking hairstyles