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Excited to launch ALTER EGO from 24th till 28th of July.

It’s time to introduce some female strength, power and beauty.

This week we will present the ALTER EGO ‘s of our best male hair models that showed awesome braid styles 3 months ago. Gorgeous looks as they transformed into warriors & knights!

Together with the same team we managed to create 6 different styles, everybody showed their expertise and passion.

A special shout out to Arvid the owner of Arrrfantasy, he styled the men in his handmade costumes and his knowledge made the looks come to life!

‘Alain, let’s meet your ALTER EGO Michelle Wong….as our 1st female warrior the ‘SAMURAI’

samurai           samurai



Samurai’s were the military nobilty and officer caste of medieval and eraly-modern Japan.

By the end of the 12th century, they became almost entirely synonymous with bushi, and the word was closely associated with the middle and upper echelons of the warrior class.

They were usually associated with a clan and their lord, and were trained as officers in military tactics and grand strategy.

While the samurai numbered less than 10% of then Japan’s population, their teachings can still be found today in both everyday life and in modern Japanese arts.

A beautiful items are the Japanese Swords (samurai sword). They are the weapons that have come to be synonymous with the samurai. Ancient Japanese swords from the Nara period  (Chokuto) featured a straight blade, by the late 900s curved  tachi appeared, followed by the uchigatana  and ultimately the katana.