steampunk inspiration

KICK OFF 2018 ‘Steampunk’

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‘Steampunk inspiration’

Let’s kick off 2018 with Steampunk , New Braid styles and The A Club Haircare products.

Every Sunday, for the upcoming 6 weeks, we will highlight one A Club Haircare product.we did our best to show our vision that comes with this theme.

Atelier Chimaera:

Rachel de Kooker represents originality, beauty and her quality of creations are really good! We worked together before when Love2Braid’s ‘Warrior and Knights’ were presented where she styled of the warriors. For this Steampunk inspiration, she is the one to join our team.

I asked her how she made all detailed items when I saw her Steampunk designs because I saw interesting itemd and I was what it was.  Rachel tells passionate about the story behind the clothes and how she created these designs, and she took me with her story to create, I loved it!

Belinda Terrisse : A talented photographer who supported me by day 1. We worked out our ideas and our vision is a match! By working a lot together we became friends too because we’ve spend lots of hours in her studio. How she guides models and makes them feel comfortable is great to see. She makes pictures come to life and i’m blessed with Belinda in my team.

The A Club Haircare products : I met this brand at a great meeting in Amsterdam hosted by GYLD. Because I love to travel the design and philosophy behind the brand caught my personal attention. I was curious of what products they had to offer and we started a collab on this. Because I love surprises too I keep the final styles to myself for the brand I collab with..

MUA Petra Klein : When I search for the right MUA to join forces I look for passion. We discuss the theme, they have creative ideas and I do trust their expertise…so in this case it is Petra’s party. Petra makes awesome moodboards and I was impressed by that, she worked out the theme very well and applied really cool accesoiries.



Keep an eye on our social media because we still want to be an inspiration on braidstyles so we do our best to make 2018 full of different styles, collections and themes!

‘Good hair speaks louder than words’