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SCI FI WARRIOR Warriors&Knights

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Sci Fi Warrior, may the strongest survive and finally built a world of their own. What the future will bring us, we don’t know. For the last warrior you can use your imagination and create a future character of our own.

This hair model is a Love2Braid ‘Exclusive’ because he rocked those Manbraids in 2015 & 2016 and got a lot of attention on different platforms for hairstyling.

The Manbraids 2015 Collection  was also exposed during the ‘Good Hair Festival 2016’, Tropenmuseum Amsterdam.

Because of his appearance we wanted to put more men’s hair in the spotlight and this project of ‘Warriors & Knights’ was one of The 2017 bucket list goals….

Enough about the past!! Let’s take it to the future…

Johnny Lefrandt, the last 2 years you rocked our Love2Braid ‘Manbraids’ and now you amazed us as the Sci Fi Warrior.

 sci fi warrior sci fi warrior sci fi warrior


The last week we’ve seen all different types of warriors and knights and we like to finish the week what Ramona’s vision is about a Sci Fi Warrior.

‘Stepped right out of a game, a mad max vibe, a powerful fighter that never gives up in a combat.  Strong and indestructible, a badass!! And not to be forgotten, the braidstyle I needed to design for the look.

I’ve contacted Rachel de Kooker, a costume designer because her style matched my vision for Johnny. The moment I picked up the costume, the braidstyle just popped into my head and I worked it out on Johnny. I felt so lucky…I brought my vision to life!!’


sci fi warrior   sci fi warrior