REDKEN & BRAIDS 2016 ‘Behind the Scenes’

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‘Thanks to REDKEN NL we had the possibility to style with their hair products


design braids & hairstyles’


After my nomination for the The Best Hair Influencer Award 2016 during the Hair Fashion Night by L’Oreal the door opened for Braidstyling. Because REDKEN is a part of the L’Oreal group I got a message from the L’Oreal community and they brought a REDKEN product BRAIDAID03 to my attention……

redken behind the scenes

Step 1 : Vision and Theme

REDKEN NL offered us something we could not refuse so we wanted to make it worth their while. We wanted to surprise them with 6 styles we think is suitable for the product and highlight the items in a Love2Braid Blog. I also wanted to show that I can make styles but I can also do it on myself!

redken behind the scenes



Step 2 : Moodboards

‘Moodboards’ are a collage of inspirational pictures, styling & settings which can be send to the team. We know what to expect and what to do on the day of shooting. Check out these futuristic hairstyles we used as an inspiration and created something new.

redken behind the scenes



Step 3 : Search for the right team

The most important thing by setting up a team is that we all ‘understand’ the vision. If we all head to the right direction together and combine forces, the results will be great! If the vibe & energy is good we all have a nice and fun day of shooting.

redken behind the scenes


The MUA, Ramon Slot and I had a click! We laughed and inspired each other and planned more projects to work out together. And photographer Belinda Terrisse, she just made lovely and stunning shots…AGAIN!!

redken behind the scenes



Step 5 : Location

Belinda’s mobile studio turns an ordinary living room into a photo studio. The possibility is a big advantage because the studio came to us. The results were great and she shot some awesome pictures.

redken behind the scenes



Step 6 : Styling

The 6 different looks needed 6 different outfits so I had my box of jewelry opened and found some lovely items we could add to our looks. And all styling was done by our team.

redken behind the scenes



Step 7 : Day of the Photoshoot

It was a long but easygoing day with a lot of fun! We started in the morning, we teamed up and got to work until it was dinnertime. We’ve changed the hairstyles, make-up and clothing 6 different time. It was such an easygoing and fun day.

redken behind the scenes     redken behind the scenes   redken behind the scenes



Step 8 : The Selection

The photographer’s work is not finished yet! The selection of best pictures can begin, together we make another selection to get the best for publication. On the set we can also check if we are getting the right results. We worked hard to make some Love2Braid tutorials this day….so the job was not done yet.

redken behind the scenes



Step 9: Final edit and Blog

Belinda ‘fine – tuned’ the pictures and also find all materials for the tutorials!   I was busy working on the blog that was suitable for every look.

We shot some nice tutorials which were the first tutorials we made! And Bangstyle  ‘House of Hair Inspiration’ published our first one internationally and is still a big support!

redken behind the scenes


All products were highlighted in our blog ‘6 weeks of REDKEN’. And this year we have published another REDKEN & BRAIDS 2017 to show even more styles and highlight 6 more products.

redken behind the scenes  redken behind the scenes



Photographer Belinda Terrisse || Model Ramona Krieger

MUA Ramon Slot || Hair Love2Braid

Special thanks to the REDKEN NL and L’Oreal Professional community for your support and making this project happen!!