Manbraids 2016 ‘Behind the Scenes’

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‘In 2015 we introduced our Manbraids 2015 collection  


in 2016 we want to make the ‘ordinary extraordinary’



By the end of 2014 we saw a big explosion on social media on Manbraids..

‘YAY or NAY’…’MANBRAIDS the NEW MANBUN?’ and more of that.

We know braids for man are here for ages like the ‘braidstyles’ that you see in different cultures and there are a lot of creations already. We wanted to highlight these braids more and create more braids on ‘European’ hair.



Step 1 : Vision and Theme

Our mission to make creations and more men hairstyles with braids. As we kicked off in 2015 with our Manbraids Collection we wanted to make the ordinary extraordinary!

2015 were the ‘basics’ styled based on the man bun that was already a big trend.

2016 was more extraordinary and more fashion..




Step 2 : Moodboards

‘Moodboards’ are a collage of inspirational pictures, styling & settings which can be send to the team. We know what to expect and what to do on the day of shooting. For ‘ALL BRAIDS’ we wanted to use different braids and style them all together..




Step 3 : Search for the right team

Johnny Lefrandt is actually our 1st best male hairmodel that had beautiful hair. Friends gave good tip because Ramona was searching for a guy with long hair that was into braids. Johnny already wears 2 braids almost every day so he was excited to hear we could make more variations. Because the Manbraids Collection is a collection that returns every year we want to use the same model for that. The photographer Russell Pearson is actually a friend that is already a big name in the industry. A globetrotter and a travel-lover that show beautiful places given by mother earth and that’s why BBC world and travel is a big fan of his scenery. The MUA Iris Scholte  is original and has a style of her own, no doubt I wanted to have her on the team because we needed some her creativity! All set, let’s do this..


Step 5 : Location

Russell also uses a mobile studio so from a lovely indoor location he turned it into a studio..assisted by his lovely wife Yuki Kurokawa they made this shoot happen with the right light & background.


Step 6 : Styling

Ramona knew what she wanted and styled the whole shoot. She used old fabrics that she had that was her grandma’s, she made the arm pieces and searched for the right accesories.





Step 7 : Day of the Photoshoot

Because we do 6 styles in one day this was a long day! We worked 12hrs straight to make this happen. Different clothing & fashion braidstyles that weren’t all easy to make. This time there was make up involved to make scars and more of that. It was a rally fun shoot to do because the team had this wonderful vibe.

    manbraids behind the scenes manbraids behind the scenes



Step 8 : The Selection

The photographer’s work is not finished yet! The selection of best pictures can begin, together we make another selection to get the best for publication….so the job was not done yet.

manbraids behind the scenes   manbraids behind the scenes



Step 9: Final edit and Blog

After the selection is made Russell did the final touch and created awesome fashion pictures. We launched it all at once and within 10hrs different hair platforms reposted, published and highlighted the Love2Braid Manbraids 2016 Collection.

The team was excited and it was such a big honour that our hard day of work and preparations were appreciated by the hair & fashion industry.

Our Media & Publications on our Manbraids 2015&2016

manbraids behind the scenes  manbraids behind the scenes

YESSS we do have Manbraids 2017 on our bucket list so keep an eye on our social media!


TEAMUP ‘Manbraids 2016′

Photographer Russell Pearson  || Model Johnny Lefrandt

MUA Iris Scholte || Hair Love2Braid

Styling Ramona Krieger



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