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It’s amazing to see that, for the last couple of years ‘Braidstyling’ has gained popularity on catwalks, the red carpet & on stage during Fashion weeks worldwide. Braids were always around, but I want to take it to the next level now and ‘Make the ordinary extraordinary’.

I want ‘More fashion in hair’ and I believe that Braids & Hair jewelry can do that. All styles I show in my portfolio Collections and Themes are created with the models natural hair, no extensions or hairpieces. 

I’m constantly working on new ideas to add a new phenomenon to the Hair & Beauty Industry, a ‘Braidstylist’. I want to share my vision and show how you can make hair art out of nothing and spice up a hairdo with braids. I share my passion to educate others and make them happy with my techniques I developed throughout the years.

Being nominated in The Netherlands for the ‘Hair Influencer Award 2016’ by L’Oreal Professional, I realized that there is a door opened for Braidstyling.

I do have a Braidstyling Bucket List & I will focus to inspire others with my work. My urge to make artwork out of hair and challenge myself is so much fun. So I’m enjoying my Love2Braid Global Journey! 

‘Braidstyling is  what it is…we need more fashion in hair’



Best of 2015 : TEAMUP Love2Braid Exclusive Photoshoot ‘Man Braids 2015 Collection’

Best of 2016 : ‘Man Braids 2015 Collection’ & ‘Hairjewelry’ exposition @GoodHairFestival, Tropenmuseum A’dam

Best of 2016 : The nomination for the “Hair Fashion Influencer Award 2016′ by L’Oreal Professional & Supertrash

Best of 2017 : ‘Global Journey’, my work published as an inspiration in different hair magazines all over the world.

Best of 2018 : Bangstyle SUPREME , March 2018

 hair artist Ramona Krieger    hair artist Ramona Krieger


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