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trendy manbraids
Trendy Manbraids, all over the internet!! Manbraids are hot! The yay or nay” about this style that transformed the ‘man bun’ into a ‘man braid’. Manbraids were always here and have great history but it seems it’s put in the spotlight more than ever. Braids are not only for girls and these guys actually rock them big time!   For
CUTEGIRLSHAIRSTYLES || AMSTERDAM || LOVE2BRAID The Love2Braid was honoured to meet&greet our biggest Inspiration today in Amsterdam. 300 Dutchies came to the Vondelpark in Amsterdam, The Netherlands to meet the CGH family!  As a volunteer Love2Braid gave a helping hand and could share our compliments in person. Mindy is the ‘Queen of the Braiding nation Worldwide’. And all together as a

Love2Braid meets Ibizabohogirl

Posted by Love2Braid on 07/07/2015

Category: Love2Braid Blog
 Ibizabohogirl Fashion || Travel || Beauty  || Bohemian Lifestyle Ibizabohogirl is a big inspiration for fashion, beauty and travel. With her blog she shares her lovely world and shows her lifestyle filled with bohemian fashion ,jewelry and hot topics on beauty & travelling. Everyday she is posting the most colourful and stylish creations of clothing & accessories on Instagram & Facebook,