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hair hacks micro braids

Hair HACKS Micro Braids

Posted by Love2Braid on 29/01/2018

Hair HACKS Micro Braids , another definition of very small and defined braids. These micro braids can be used in a lot of different ways and I believe they really add fashion to hair. You can use different techniques and your creativity is the key on this. Because these micro braids are so small you need to make sure you

Sam Villa

Posted by Love2Braid on 18/01/2018

Meet the amazing artist Sam Villa, not only a hairartist but also an educator and biggest hair influencer. Sam Villa caught my attention while I was surfing on the internet searching for a Tool which is called the ‘Sam Villa Texturizing Iron’. The iron which makes you get more grip on the hair to style. Very handy for the it. I
christmas hairjewelry
The holidays are coming up and we are all busy preparing Christmas dinners, buy lovely presents and what suit or dress to wear? Maybe the hair is the last thing to worry about, but not the least important these days. It can bring a lot of stress and it is a finishing touch for a nice evening out, family dinner
hairstyles mermaid crowns
We fell in love with Mermaid Crowns!! It’s an amazing artwork because all Mermaid Crowns are handmade. The crowns and used items are overwelming and very detailed. Shells, glitters and jewelry combined together make mysterious headpieces. These crowns are seen in photoshoots and festival life as the summer kicks in. We do have 6 exclusively handmade Mermaid Crowns they
crown braids

10 best Crown Braids

Posted by Love2Braid on 05/12/2017

Love2Braid selection of 10 BEST CROWN BRAIDS spotted on the internet created by hairstylists from all over the world. Let’s get inspired by these Crowns! The Crown Braids add romance to your hair but it can be trendy too, if you style the crowns tight & differently. From bridal looks until fashion designs… Love2Braid showed a simple fashionable Crown Braid
We started off in 2015 to share our vision on Manbraids. We showed the basics in 2015, we made the ordinary extraordinary in 2016…and in 2017 we make it FASHION. For all the guys who ‘dare2wear’ these looks, fashionable men who wants creativity in their hair and for all men’s hairstyles platforms to inspire.   CREATIVE TEAM Photographer : Russell
basket braids

10 best Basket Braids

Posted by Love2Braid on 30/11/2017

Love2Braid selection of 10 BEST BASKET BRAIDS spotted on the internet created by hairstylists from all over the world. Let’s get inspired by this advanced technique of Braids! The Basket Braids technique is an advanced specialty you see appear on the catwalk and also in lovely updo’s. It just adds that extra ‘wow’ effect into a style hairstylists create. Love2Braid
seung ki baek

Seung Ki Baek

Posted by Love2Braid on 27/11/2017

We have great names in the hair and beauty industry and SEUNG KI BAEK is definitely one of them. He is one of the hair artists we want to highlight and give great attention to. He is truly an inspiration and has great talent. As the UV hairspecialist he just placed him self in a category of hair artists where there