Jen Atkin Hairjewelry ‘Behind the Scenes’

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‘We love hair jewelry and our search began for trendy and exclusive items 


our attention was caught by the BUN CUFF ,  Jen Atkin’


Hair jewelry is important to for us because we are able to bring a braidstyle to a whole different level. It spices up a hairdo, make it glitter and glam and just adds something to it that keeps the attention to the hair. As we love to say..’Let your hair do the talking’

It is a ‘dare to wear’ mentality you need to have when you experiment with hairjewels, but in my experience, once you wear it, you get addicted to it!


Step 1 : Vision and Theme

Jodi Jackson, Jodi Jax Jewelry hooked us up with these lovely hair jewels and shipped them all the way from the United States to us! This collab was great and we were ready to work out the braidstyles combined with those lovely items. #buncuffjealous

jen atkin behind the scenes



Step 2 : Moodboards

‘Moodboards’ are a collage of inspirational pictures, styling & settings which can be send to the team. We know what to expect and what to do on the day of shooting. For ‘ALL BRAIDS’ we wanted to use different braids and style them all together..

jen atkin behind the scenes



Step 3 : Search for the right team

Fashion photographer Belinda Terrisse understands Love2Braid vision on fashion braids. So again, we wanted her on the team! Some teams stick together from the beginning the theme is set. But not always, for this shoot another MUA helped us out because the original MUA cancelled. Sometimes things happen for a reason….because from that day the MUA Ayten, La Rouge Visagie and Love2Braid did more work together. Amazed by the models eyes and hair so our crew was complete with Esmeralda.

jen atkin behind the scenes   jen atkin behind the scenes



Step 5 : Location

An indoor location with daylight! All set and ready to kick off a beautiful ‘daylight’ photoshoot..



Step 6 : Styling

The clothing had to be simple because the jewelry and hair needed to stand out! We choose ZARA clothing to add a trendy look. The pieces of jewelry are the most important style item of this shoot!

jen atkin behind the scenes  jen atkin behind the scenes

jen atkin behind the scenes  jen atkin behind the scenes




Step 7 : Day of the Photoshoot

We did all styles in one day, worked hard from 10-1700 and the results were great. We also had tutorials in the making so that was a lot of fun!! The long and fun days with lots of laughter and great results!


jen atkin behind the scenes jen atkin behind the scenes jen atkin behind the scenes




Step 8 : The Selection

The photographer’s work is not finished yet! The selection of best pictures can begin, together we make another selection to get the best for publication. We also made some Love2Braid tutorials this day….so the job was not done yet.

jen atkin behind the scenes




Step 9: Final edit and Blog

Great pictures, nice blog, lovely hairjewels and awesome tutorials to show how our Fashion Braids are made.  

jen atkin behind the scenes jen atkin behind the scenes jen atkin behind the scenes

These tutorials are published on Bangstyle and JenAtkin had our braidstyle published on her instagram as an inspiration….let’s get BUNCUFF ready for this summer!!



jen atkin behind the scenes



TEAMUP ‘Jen Atkin Hairjewelry’

Photographer Belinda Terrisse  || Model Esmeralda

Clothing ZARA

MUA La Rouge Visagie || Hair Love2Braid

Special thanks to Jodi Jackson , Jodi Jax Jewlery and CEO ‘MadGIRLS’ to hook us up with these lovely hairjewels!