christmas hairjewelry

How to find the best ‘HAIRJEWELRY’

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The holidays are coming up and we are all busy preparing Christmas dinners, buy lovely presents and what suit or dress to wear? Maybe the hair is the last thing to worry about, but not the least important these days.

It can bring a lot of stress and it is a finishing touch for a nice evening out, family dinner or christmas reception at work.

A great solution to spice up your hair is to add some lovely items of hairjewelry!! First you got to choose your hairstyle and than figure out which piece of hairjewelry suits best.

We hope you get inspired by these looks we have published to highlight the Jen Atkin Hairjewelry collection last year.

christmas hairjewelry  christmas hairjewelry  chritas hairjewelry



Love2Braid’s favorite hairjewelry pieces are brought by Jen Atkin Hairjewelry.

Another favorite hotspot to find hairjewels are pieces offered by Pink Pewter.

DIY! If you have an old necklace, try to use that through a braid and make it an updo.




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christmas hairjewelry christmas hairjewelry  christmas hairjewelry

christmas hairjewelry christmas hairjewelry christmas hairjewelry