hairstyles spikes

Hairstyles ‘STICKS and SPIKES’

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Hairstylists expand their boundaries by using ‘raw materials as hairjewelry’. Amazing creations appear in fashionshows and magazines. We opened up our toolbox or kitchen drawer and we found stuff to style with.

Braids are a good base for ‘Sticks & Spikes’ because it stays put.

Love2Braid experimented with spikes  & metallic sticks …these were the results Manbraids2016 & MIXTURE collection.

hairstyles spikes hairstyles spikes hairstyles spikes

hairstyles spikes hairstyles spikes hairstyles spikes




  hairstyles spikes   hairstyles spikes  hairstyles spikes  

hairstyles spikes  hairstyles spikes    hairstyles spikes

 hairstyles spikes  hairstyles spikes  hairstyles spikes  hairstyles spikes