hair hacks braids

HAIR HACKS BRAIDS ‘Stitch & Woven’

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Hair Hacks  for braids seen on catwalk, runways and photoshoots. These techniques are used by hairstylists all over the world and make their styles Fashion.

Daniel Roldan, one of the hairstylists,  developed  his own ‘stitch’ tools and I used it to create this braidstyle for the Love2Braid ‘MIXTURE’ Collection. His tools are in my favorite list of tools for hairstyling because it is easy and quick to use.

As you can see, here below, I have used different materials to experiment with this STITCH or WOVEN technique. I tried the 3 most famous variations and I used it on different kind of braids. The designs do not look the ‘same’ and shows variety, even in the same technique.

Detailed STITCH UP the braids

 hair hacks braids  hair hacks braids  hair hacks braids  hair hacks braids

Roughly STITCH UP the braids 

hair hacks braids  hair hacks braids   hair hacks braids  hair hacks braids

Detailed WOVEN through the braids 

hair hacks braids   hair hacks braids   hair hacks braids   hair hacks braids