Half Up Braid

GET-THE-LOOK ‘Half Up Braid’

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  Charlotte X Ramona || GET-THE-LOOK || Half Up Braid

Monday again!! And ready to publish part 2 of our Video ‘GET-THE-LOOK.

Nowadays we have photoshop, hair extensions and all sorts of things to help us to make every look transform into magazine worthy style. And don’t get me wrong… there is nothing wrong with that.

That’s the art we love to see because there are a lot of possibilities..

Our idea with these GET-THE-LOOK videos is to show you some ‘Raw material’ tutorials to invite you to our work and how we create looks! A bit of a ‘live, relaxing and living room’ feeling and learn a bit of what we show you!



Video & Editing : Yorelution​
Model : Hella van Lieshout​
MUA : Charlotte van Beusekom​
Hair : Love2Braid​