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 Love2Braid BLOG is written By Ramona

Love2Braid BLOG is created to show our work to the world & keep you posted with on trends, Hair Hacks, cool articles, Best of & How-To’s!

Ramona’s vision is translated into a theme of collection and highlights everything she loves. She selects her own teams of talented artists to make this work. All team members are able to show their own expertise. Her goal is to be original, exclusive, creative and be an inspiration for all who is curious about Braidstyling.

BLOG themed articles or highlighting a BRAND are published on Sundays.  



Love2Braid ‘BLOG’ is created to keep you up to date on the latest trends, cool articles, hair products, events and fashion braidstyles.



Love2Braid ‘BRANDS’ highlights great products by a certain BRAND. We’ve used these products to style with and created our vision on braidstyles. Check out these styles and review!


If you want a collab or have a creative idea









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