wella professionals EIMI grip cream

Wella Professionals EIMI ‘Grip Cream’

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Wella Professionals EIMI  || Grip Cream || FASHION BRAIDS

Wella Professionals Grip Cream is a soft cream that gives hair texture and is also very good to section the hair. As you know, as a braid stylist, I love creams, paste and liquids because it is easy to use and those products does a very good job on braids. This cream is soft, holds and is actually still flexible so you can style the hair or braids easily.

Love2Braid fashion braids Wella Professional 

Mohawk-looks are one of my favourite hairstyles and I’ve created another variation of it. The model has really long and thick hair so all braids has volume. Two dutch braids on the side and the mohawk is built up with all her natural hair. Them mohawk style is created by lots of twisted braids that I’ve combined together and make it to a lovely mohawk. To give fashion to hair I’ve put large rings into the mohawk..

wella professionals EIMI grip cream wella professionals EIMI grip cream 


If you are interested HOW-TO create a fashion braidstyle, check our ‘tutorial page’ and there might be something nice for you. By using good products as a preparation or finishing touch, I do believe that you can see the different in braids or styling. Find your own way to the best products and brands that suits you well. I can only help a little to share my experiences when I was in the opportunity to use and review these different products.