Wella Professional EIMI Shape Me

Wella Professionals EIMI ‘Shape Me’

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Wella Professionals EIMI  ||SHAPE ME Liquid gel || FASHION BRAIDS

Wella Professionals EIMI ‘Shape Me’ is one of the products I used, to make some new creations of hair art. I am a big fan of products which are based on liquids such as paste, gels or cream.

Wella Professionals EIMI Shape Me is a liquid gel  is a part of Wella’s EIMI styling family and is one of the products I was curious about. EIMI contains a collection of hairstyling products and I will highlight some more.


Wella Professional EIMI Shape Me

Love2Braid fashion braids Wella Professionals 

This style is built up out of different braid techniques. A fashion hairstyle with a knotted mohawk on top and a ‘knot ponytail’ technique at the back of the head created this hairstyle.

Nanxia has really great lengths and such a thick hair, which made this look perfect on her.

A small piece of hair jewelry added to give that edgy feeling when you look at this creation.

Wella Professional EIMI Shape Me  



If you are interested HOW-TO create a fashion braidstyle, check our ‘tutorial page’ and there might be something nice for you. By using good products as a preparation or finishing touch, I do believe that you can see the different in braids or styling. Find your own way to the best products and brands that suits you well. I can only help a little to share my experiences when I was in the opportunity to use and review these different products.