REDKEN Rewind06

REDKEN Rewind06

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REDKEN Rewind06′  is one of 6 REDKEN products we’ve styled with for this blog.

If you want clean and tight braids the best products to use for me are ‘liquids or paste’ products.

Of course products like mousse, hairspray and gel can work out very well too but I prefer a liquid or paste.

This paste holds well & keeps it flexibility. I put the paste in my hand and start braiding so that all of the paste blends witih the hair.

The braids is tight and clean & even when you want to style the braid afterwards you can do so.  After you’ve styled it and leave it to rest it features a medium hold and everything stays in place.

This product also gives texture to the braid which is an advantage because sometimes the hair is so soft and sleek that it is sliding out of your hands quickly. To texturize it makes it easier.

For me as a Braidstylist, a really really must have is the BRAID AID 03 for braids but I’ve added REWIND06 to my gear!!

REDKEN Rewind06

Of course I wanted to see if the paste could do the job well, so I’ve created lots of small braids to feel and test how the paste reacted to braiding..Wonderful the waterfall of braids, started at the back of the head, and dutch braided over Wendy’s face. No elastic used and all hold together with the paste.

REDKEN Rewind06 REDKEN Rewind06


If you are interested HOW-TO create a fashion braidstyle, check our ‘tutorial page’ and there might be something nice for you. By using good products as a preparation or finishing touch, I do believe that you can see the different in braids or styling. Find your own way to the best products and brands that suits you well. I can only help a little to share my experiences when I was in the opportunity to use and review these different products.