REDKEN Maneuver

REDKEN Maneuver

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REDKEN Maneuver is one of great men’s hair products which I have the opportunity to style with. Thanks to REDKEN NL,  I will work with awesome REDKEN Hair products again.

Like we did in 2016! That was a great year to kick off to collab with the REDKEN brand to show Love2Braid’s inspirational braidstyles.

I chose six REDKEN hairproducts and from today until the 14th of May I will highlight them and you can read about it. For every product I’ve created a braidstyle or hairstyle to show more Fashion braids. For the upcoming 6 weeks I will test, use, review and style with 6 different products.

REDKEN Maneuver is one of the variations REDKEN products for men’s hairstyling and haircare. This product is a ‘working wax’ which did a good job on this braidstyle. It smells good, feels soft and does not stick the fingers.

REDKEN Maneuver

Love2Braid braidstyles for REDKEN:


Our hair model Sven has a little bit of curly hair that reacts immediately on the wax. It gives his hair a  shine and smoothen the braids.

As you can see on the pictured below I only added a few accents of micro braids to the side of the head. His hair is thick and beautiful and rocked those braids really well!

‘NJOY these Man braids!’


REDKEN Maneuver  REDKEN Maneuver 

If you are interested HOW-TO create a fashion braidstyle, check our ‘tutorial page’ and there might be something nice for you. By using good products as a preparation or finishing touch, I do believe that you can see the different in braids or styling. Find your own way to the best products and brands that suits you well. I can only help a little to share my experiences when I was in the opportunity to use and review these different products.