REDKEN CurvaceousRinglet

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Another BLOG Sunday, another braidstyle with REDKEN products.

After a week of masculin creations it is time to pick up our Sunday Blog. This sunday we’ve chosen to highlight a great product for curly and wavy hair. REDKEN Curvaceous Ringlet!

This products is the Winner of the 2014 American Salon Best Curl Line award. The REDKEN collection Curvaceous is a collection of curly and wavy hair care and styling products specially formulated to bring out the best in every curl.

Ringlet is a anti-frizz perfecting lotion for curly hair that defines curls, it also moisturize and  gives the hair a nice shine.

Love2Brad braidstyles for REDKEN:

I’ve selected a model with good curly hair to test and as you can see her hair is amazing! I did not want to ‘braid’ all the hair because I wanted to check how the curls looked like by using the ‘Ringlet’ lotion. The results is great and I just made a small boho braid…

Those curls are rocking and those braids made it a festival look! Great style…

REDKEN Curvaceous Ringlet    REDKEN Curvaceous Ringlet

REDKEN Curvaceous Ringlet   REDKEN Curvaceous Ringlet

If you are interested HOW-TO create a fashion braidstyle, check our ‘tutorial page’ and there might be something nice for you. By using good products as a preparation or finishing touch, I do believe that you can see the different in braids or styling. Find your own way to the best products and brands that suits you well. I can only help a little to share my experiences when I was in the opportunity to use and review these different products.