‘6 WEEKS OF……’

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 Love2Braid ‘6 WEEKS OF….’ is written By Ramona

Love2Braid’s Blog is created to show our work to the world. All Braidstyles are created by Love2Braid’s Braidstylist Ramona Krieger.  This blog is published every Sunday and shows another theme every 6 weeks.  Ramona’s vision is translated into a theme and highlights everything she loves. She selects her own teams of talented artists to make this work. So all can show their own expertise. Her goal is to be original, exclusive, creative and be an inspiration for all who is curious about Braidstyling.


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blog braidstyles Blog braidstyles

 blog braidstyles


‘Teamwork make the dream work’

If you are interested in a collab or Teamup, you can send an email to info@love2braid.nl


How does my blog ‘6 Weeks of…’ work?

I will highlight 6 items

I design a ‘Braidstyle/ Hairstyle’  for every item

I’ll search for the right creative team of Photographers, MUA, Stylists and Models to complete the teamup and set up the photoshoot

For 6 weeks long, I will publish and highlight your  item / product with my vision of Braidstyles.

Our collab gets all credit on our social media & website

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