basket braid inspiration

ALTERNATE Collection ‘Clash’

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Clash || ALTERNATE collection || Basket Braids

All white inspired and presenting different ways of Basket braids techniques. Our ALTERNATE Collection is published in a period where our seasons change from autumn until winter. You can compare the different elements of our seasons with different feelings in our mind. ‘Warm & happy, Sunny & sweet, Rainy & sad, Cold & angry’

Fashion braids that generates a feeling when you look at them. ‘What’s your mood & what is you state of mind?’ Look at the styles and experience them…

This style shows a basket braid which is ordinary placed on a tight ponytail. As you can see you can vary a lot and this style is again different than the previous creations.

‘Charlotte, lovely look and great hair’

  basket braid inspiration    basket braid inspiration  basket braid inspiration