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MIXTURE Collection ‘Anna Jane’

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Anna Jane || Mixture collection || Raw materials & triple dutch braid

The Collection is a mixture of different textures, materials and braid techniques.

All braid styles are named after ‘women who ignored the limits, 6 famous female chemists’.


The triple dutch braid taken to a whole other level because of raw material woven through the braid. A few meters of elastic because the models hair is really long, we used to make this braidstyle happen. It is a bit of a ‘stitch technique’ but used differently.

Freeke, dare to wear and be different’

triple dutch braid   triple dutch braid  triple dutch braid


This creation is named after Anna Jane Harrison (1912-1998)

Harrison, who unlike many historical chemists (when you spend your days messing about with substances that so often turn out to be toxic, you’re invariably in danger of shuffling off this mortal coil earlier than most) managed to live until the ripe old age of 86, was an American organic chemist and the first female president of the American Chemical Society.  She was also the recipient of twenty honorary degrees, none of which were bought from dodgy internet sites.  She worked on toxic smoke during the second world war, and also contributed to research on ultraviolet light.

triple dutch braid


Creative Team

Photographer : Belinda Terrisse

Model : Freeke den Dulk

MUA : Rosa Bakker

Hair & concept : Ramona Krieger || Love2Braid

Clothing : The Makeoverfactory, Amsterdam