2026 Collection ‘Behind the Scenes’

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‘Futuristic Fashion Braids were designed


we’ve created another Love2Braid Collection ‘2026’


Love2Braid worked out the theme and together we found the right people to make this work. The most important thing by setting up a team is that we all ‘understand’ the vision. If we all head to the right direction together and combine forces, the results will be great! If the vibe & energy is good we all have a nice and fun day of shooting.


Step 1 : Vision and Theme

It was time to take the future to 2017 and we’ve came up to create ‘Futuristic Fashion Braids’. Let’s make the ordinary extraordinary and challenge ourselves to be creative on the Braidstyles. A ‘2026’ Collection…..

2026 behind the scenes


Step 2 : Moodboards

‘Moodboards’ are a collage of inspirational pictures, styling & settings which can be send to the team. We know what to expect and what to do on the day of shooting. Check out these futuristic hairstyles we used as an inspiration and created something new.

2026 behind the scenes



Step 3 : Search for the right team

Impressed by the work of photographer Frank Doorhof,  we’ve showed him Love2Braid’s theme. He believed in this concept and together we wanted to make this work!  MUA Iris Scholte was the right girl to add to the team because she is so creative and has that vision we need. Model Nathalie Bollen, where I’ve worked with before, was the one and only popped into my mind when I thought about this project. All set, let’s do this!

2026 behind the scenes



Step 5 : Location

Frank invited us to his studio STUDIO FD, Emmeloord. It was amazing to see this professional at work. The lights, background and workstation to edit all pictures were right there and we could enjoy his work and expertise on the set.

2026 behind the scenes    2026 behind the scenes



Step 6 : Styling

We found futuristic and exclusive items at ‘The Makeoverfactory’ in Amsterdam. The styling was important to make this theme work! Rubberdutch provided an ‘Fashion Item’ the designed for the event Wasteland that was held the same weekend we had the photoshoot.

2026 behind the scenes



Step 7 : Day of the Photoshoot

Those are long, hectic and fun days! We started in the morning, we teamed up and got to work until late afternoon. At the end of the day we were ready to rock the year of 2026!!

2026 behind the scenes

2026 behind the scenes



Step 8 : The Selection

The photographer’s work is not finished yet! The selection of best pictures can begin, together we make another selection to get the best for publication. We also made some Love2Braid tutorials this day….so the job was not done yet.

2026 behind the scenes    2026 behind the scenes



Step 9: Final edit and Blog

It was really great to see Frank at work, when we were doing hair and makeup for the next set, Frank had the ‘best selection’ of pictures fine-tined. We were not even home from the studio and he had our project finished & ‘2026’ was ready to publish!!

2026 behind the scenes


The next week Frank travelled to New York to promote his book and join a big event. It was so nice to see that our project made it to the US of A…..

2026 behind the scenes


TEAMUP ‘2026’ Collection’

Photographer Frank Doorhof || Model Nathalie Bollen

Clothing Rubberdutch & The Makeoverfactory

MUA Iris Scholte|| Hair Love2Braid

Special thanks Annewiek Doorhof to make this Behind The Scenes movie, to assist us and take good care of us during the day of the shoot. We had such a great day!