10 best MALE Hairmodels

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10 Best Male Hair Models by Love2Braid

Love2Braid selection of 10 BEST MALE HAIRMODELS worldwide. I’ve searched throughout the internet, social media and magazines. I’ve have spotted enough men with long hair but these are the 10 best for many reasons, their hair, beauty and total appearance.

These men rock lovely long locks and their modelling skills are amazing. Their appearance and beauty take long hair men to another level. They keep that masculin look with long hair and I’m ready to highlight my favourite 10!

Love2Braid man braids collection will return every year and we have Johnny, one of the greatest hair models to style. All styles are made and created by Ramona Krieger. Meet Johnny first.

Johnny Lefrandt, The Netherlands 




Alain Honnebier, The Netherlands


 Dominique Honnebier, The Netherlands

Dennis van Miltenburg, The Netherlands

Nick Ligthart, The Netherlands

Kevin Creekman, ‘ TheCreekman’,  Germany

Giovanni Ferrer

Travis Cannata, Italy

Martin Sensmeier, Alaska


Bartec Borowitz

Wim de Klerk, South Africa


Shane Peters, USA