coloured braids

Best COLOURED BRAIDS Inspiration

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Coloured braids are amazing! Hairdressers and hairstylists experiment a lot with different colours and braids and the results are awesome.

Artists like Guy Tang, Lala’s Updo’s, Michelle’s Hair and Jenny Strebe ‘the confessions of a hairstylist’  show their vision of coloured braids on their social media from time to time.

#myidentity line, lovely shades of pastel and colours. The art work of Guy Tang who developed his favorite taste of hair colours.

coloured braids


Love2Braid’s choice in BEST colored BRAIDS 

 coloured braids    coloured braids    coloured braids   coloured braids

coloured braids  coloured braids   coloured braids  coloured braids

coloured braids  coloured braids   coloured braids   coloured braids

coloured braids   coloured braids   coloured braids   coloured braids